Monday, January 13, 2014

This Is A Passing League... Or Maybe Not...

We've all heard NFL analysts, coaches and sports writers alike proclaim, "this is a passing league" over and over again. For many teams that may be the case  but despite having one of the all time best QB's in the league, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots are proving the axiom, "zig when everybody else zags" still has some merit.

Belichick has always been at his best putting together game plans that put his players in the best position to be successful. This year however has been exceptional even for him. In the opinion of a growing number of NFL Observers, no team has done more with less than this years Patriots. Yes they still are lead by Tom Terrific but one super star does not an NFL team make, much less a team that is playing next week for the AFC championship against the Peyton Manning led Broncos.

Over the past few weeks the Patriots have evolved into a smash mouth running team riding on the shoulders of Legarratte Blount. Blount is a Tamp Bay Buc's cast-off probably best known for punching Byron Hout during his college career after his Ducks were beaten in the opening game of the 2009 season. Over the last two games Blount has run for 355 yards and 6 TD's.

Blount's break out over the last two games is only part of the Patriots new focus on pounding the rock. Over the last two weeks the Patriots had over 500 total yards of offense attributed to their running game. Passing league or not the Patriots are proving you can win in the playoffs with a strong running game. More than anything else Bill Belichick is proving that nothing trumps a good game plan. Knowing your personnel, what they can and can't do and how to get them on the field in those situations that allow them to do the things they do best, that's how you do more with less. That's the formula for winning, both in and out of the NFL.

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